All the pricing includes... Bath, Drying, Ear Cleaning, Nails Trimmed and Brush Out.  

Prices vary on condition, size and services.

We are a NON-MUZZLING facility.  If your dog goes to bite, we will give you a call to come pick up your dog.  Whatever Services we were able to complete, you will be charged.  

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Why drive to our facility, when your dog can ride in our dog taxi, arrive inside the facility, be unloaded for Grooming.  All you have to do is meet the driver and load them up.  

Our taxi arrives 30 minutes prior to the time of your service and this must be selected when scheduling services.  

Our drivers DO NOT collect funds for our services, but cash tips for the driver is always welcome on the return of your dog home from our facility.  

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Sleepover Suites #1. #2 and #3

Our Suites are 10 feet by 10 feet.  They have their own outside private arena area to go potty anytime.  Toddler/Dog bed furniture, television, heating and air conditioning, food and water bowls, toys, blankets, 24/7 cameras to watch your dogs at anytime.  

Schedule a Tour of our Facility with your dogs to be approved to stay at our facility. Once approved, you can schedule our Suites 365 days a year.

Grand Opening of Sleepover Suites:  Monday-May 22, 2023

Check In times: 8:00AM or 5:00PM
Check Out times: 8:00AM or 5:00PM

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Self Serve Dog Wash & Dry

Open 365/24/7 

This is our new indoor self serve dog wash and dry area.  $17.50 for 15 minutes includes...4 Different Shampoos selections, Electric Lifting Tub, Water, Dryer, and Towels for you and your dogs.  

Need more time, $5.25 for 5 minutes..
This facility is credit card only.  Dogs from Chihuahua 's to Saint Bernard's in size are welcome.

TV Video to help you; on how the system work for you and your dogs.  

Grand Opening of Self Serve Dog Wash: Monday-May 22, 2023