Frequently Asked Questions - Sleepover Suites

Does my dog ride with other dogs in the Taxi?

No - your dog rides in its own area of the taxi.  Small dogs ride in the tubes, secured to the seats.  Large dogs ride in the rear kennel area..

Can I pay the Taxi Driver directly?

No - our staff members do not collect funds for our services.  You will be sent a generated email invoice that must be paid, before your dog returns home.

Can I ride with my dog to your facility?

No - the vehicle insurance only covers the dogs and the Taxi Driver.

Can my dog get loose while unloading into the facility? 

No - we load and unload your dog inside our facility.  

Should my dog go to the bathroom before traveling in the Dog Taxi?

Yes - please have your dog go potty before they travel and visit with us.

Can I schedule the Dog Taxi for same day service?

No - we ask that you schedule the Dog Taxi when scheduling Grooming.

Can I tip the Taxi Driver?

Yes - if you would like too!