Frequently Asked Questions - Nail Trim Only's

Do I enter the lobby with my dogs, when I arrive for my appointment?

No -please leave all dogs in your vehicle, come into our lobby first to let us know, you have arrived, then a staff member will let you know when your dogs can come into the lobby.  This so we don't have your dog mixing with any other dogs in the lobby area.  Safety first. 

Do you muzzle dogs?

No - we are a NON-MUZZLING facility. We give every dog a opportunity. Unfortunately, if you dog goes to bite a staff member, then we stop the service and let you know; you dog will need to go to your local Veterinarian for nail trims.

Can I be with my dog during the appointment?

Yes & No- we usually try to trim your dogs nails first, without the owners.  If we feel your dog needs you, for moral support, we will ask for you to come back and be with your dog. 

How long does the appointment take?

Most of the time, we are finished with your dogs nail trimming within a couple of minutes.  So, we ask for you to have a seat in the lobby and we will bring them right back..

Can I schedule multiple dogs for one time slot?

Yes - please schedule all your dogs for the same time slot.  For example:  Tuesday, 05/02/2023 @ 9:30am for: BUDDY & KODA.

Can you Dremel Nails, Clean Ears, Brush Teeth?

Yes- just add it on when you schedule the nail trim appointment.